Embracing the use of Recruitment Tech since 2010

Embracing the use of Recruitment Tech since 2010

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Recruitment Technologies in use...

We use a fully compliant, remote candidate registration process using digitally secure signed documents. This integrates directly into our CRM to create a live “work ready” candidate.

ethero has a significant Facebook and social media reach, generating thousands of potential candidates weekly.

Take a look at some of the tech, apps and software that we have invested in to improve our efficiency and service.


Candidate Generation

CRM Integrated

ethero Worker App

Online Software

Skills Testing

Automated Bot Comms

Agile Conversations


English language


e-kpi suite

Integrated Candidate Generation

We use a raft of Job Boards and CV databases.

We also use the market leading recruitment software Access RDB and SourceBreaker to unify candidate sourcing processes.

This provides an excellent stream of candidates and a system robust enough to manage them.

Secure Digital Documents


We run a fully compliant remote candidate registration process, e-docs.

This is enabled via Secured Signing which integrates directly into our database to create a live “work ready” candidate record.

The ethero Worker App

The only fully integrated candidate app including 2-way payslip management via our database.

  • Register
  • Control & Store Docs
  • Work History
  • Training Records
  • Timesheets
  • Availability updates
  • Job feedback
  • Payslips
  • Search Jobs
  • Flexible Benefits
  • Notifications
  • Contact 24/7

Video Interviews & Skills Assessments

Using VidCruiter we test our candidate’s soft and hard skills with digital assessments before inviting them to an interview.

This standardisation increases quality.

Online Candidate Skills Testing

Using the ISV online recruitment skills testing platform, we assess candidates before hiring.

Delivered on any device, we create customised tests to assess the skills that matter to our clients.

Transforming the way we work, using Artificial Intelligence

SourceBreaker enables us to find the best talent first, keeping us ahead in a highly competitive market.

Qualified Conversations using Chatbots

elay enables us to increase worker engagement.

We are able to accelerate recruitment conversations delivering more opportunities to the workforce.

Clocking System

Timestation‘ gives us early warnings when people haven’t clocked in when they should have and it has a Covid track and trace process every time someone clocks in.

Clients also get a login to the system and can cross reference for invoicing and also turnover, attrition measurement of the staff we supply.

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Online English language EdTech

English language assessment to the Nationally recognised / required industrial standards.

This provides re-assurance and insurance for our clients.

Performance Measurement your way...

We provide our clients with their own online KPI suite together with consultant support and regular reviews.

e-kpi suite