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Crown Commercial Service (CCS) supports the public sector to achieve maximum commercial value when procuring common goods and services...

ethero ltd is a licensed public sector recruitment service provider via the RM6277 Non-Clinical Staffing Framework

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Supplying staff to Public Sector organisations for over 10 years, we are authorised to supply two key sectors:

We are authorised to supply two key sectors:

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Our public sector division caters for Councils, Hospitals and Ministry of defence + Police, Ambulance and Fire Services...

We utilise modern candidate attraction and management technologies to ensure we can identify and process the best applicants at speed.

During the pandemic, Ethero provided key support to several NHS hospitals and logistics support to organisations.

We place ethics and good practice at the heart of our organisation, and we believe our customer care and attention to detail will make us a great supply partner to any and all public or third centre organisations.

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A division of the Stoke-on-Trent City council responsible for housing estate and buildings maintenance. Supplied for several years

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A contract cleaning customer we have had for a long time and who won a hospitals cleaning contract with Derby and Burton Hospitals during COVID which we fully staffed up

A UK Ministry of defence, NHS, Police and Fire Service engineering support contractor who pretty much service, calibrate, repair and upgrade all of the electrical and electronic equipment of those UK Government departments

We take immense pride in being an approved supplier within the prestigious Crown Commercial Service (CCS) framework.

We are committed to delivering excellence and value to our clients across diverse sectors and industries.

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Registered (England & Wales): 07062101

VAT number: GB 988 9834 21

Contract Dates: 17/07/2018 to now as remain a current customer

Overview: Unitas is the Real Estate Maintenance arm of Stoke-on-Trent City Council.

Ethero has resourced and provided temporary and temp to perm candidates for almost five years now. Specifically we have provided Resource Control staff and planners. These staff have been responsible for the co-ordination of site maintenance teams to over 18,500 homes and 600 Council buildings as well as physical resources such as raw materials and equipment. We have also resourced for carpenters, plumbers and general labouring staff.

Customer Challenges: The main challenge is having to work via Commensura as their system has often not been updated as it needed to be in regard to pay and charge rates and they are very difficult to communicate with.

Solution: We have agreed processes with the Unitas Staaff to help navigate the Commensura sytem issues where we have a three way email chain communication program between the end user client (Unitas), us and Commensura.

Results & Transferable Benefits: We believe that the system we have in process has also been adopted by Unitas for other staffing providers.

Contract Dates: 21/03/2017 to now as remain a current customer.

Overview: We have supplied Brilliant Hygiene with Industrial / Commercial cleaning staff since 2017. They supply contract cleaning services across a number of public sector sites in the Staffordshire and Derbyshire area. Our supply to them peaked in 2020 during the pandemic when they had cleaning contracts with the Derby and Burton-on-Trent hospitals. At peak we were supplying in excess of x20 cleaners across both hospitals under very strict conditions.

Customer Challenges: We had to be externally audited and provide a lot of information up front to be considered as the supplier for the Covid cleaning contract. We passed first time and this enabled Brilliant Hygiene to deliver on a very tough contract under very difficult conditions. This even involved very careful transport planning due to car share restrictions. We also had to have even stronger monitors on the health conditions of the staff we provided due to the risks.

Solution: We had to take specific training in order to ensure that our staff were prepared for the work to a very high standard and we had to follow additional PPE rules. We also ran additional health assessments on behalf of the clients for our workers, providing specific paperwork as required and daily updates on our workers’ health statuses.

Results & Transferable Benefits: We are now ready to deploy a similar recruitment process for any NHS operation (or an organisation at all) at very short notice as we have retained all of the process knowledge and skills.

Contract Dates: 26/09/2011 to now as remain a current customer.

Overview: Ethero originally started out supplying what was called electroservices (Midlands) Ltd in 2011 with permanent engineering candidates for electronics bench engineers. We supplied circa x15 engineers in the first year. The business is a Government-department contract engineering support business providing electrical and electronic testing, calibration, repair and upgrade service to all departments of the Ministry of Defence (RAF, NAVY & ARMY) as well as the NHS, Police Service and Fire Service. Later the business was acquired by a large US Technology company called Keysight Technologies Inc. As this developed our supply changed to a more contingent temporary staffing provider via Keysight’s preferred neutral vendor which is now known as Magnit. During this time some of the roles we have supplied and continue to supply are:

  1. Purchasing Assistant
  2. Logistics Administrator
  3. Global Sourcing Buyer
  4. Customer Service Administrator
  5. Outsourcing Co-ordinator
  6. Warehouse Admin
  7. Shipping Clerk / Supervisor
  8. General Administrator

Customer Challenges: We have worked through two different ownership structures and x3 different Neutral vendor arrangements with the business. This has required multiple IT platform and ordering / billing process changes which is an admin heavy and often technically challenging process.

Solution: We have always acted in a supportive and professional manner. At the same time the client has gone through a lot of changes that needed different recruitment approaches where we have been required to assist and advise Keysights’ US senior staff on UK recruitment market dynamics and candidate challenges. I hope that fact that we are now in our eleventh year of supply demonstrates that the client has always valued us a supplier.

Results & Transferable Benefits: We are now professionals in several neutral vendor and client specific order processes. We are, in many ways, more skilled at these aspects than the local staff on the ground and as such have been able to provide reverse training to some of the sites key UK staff to ensure we all have smooth systems for both recruitment and also Worker payroll and Invoicing processes.