The spotlight is on Alan Worth this month sharing his reflection of his time at ethero so far and some reassuring market insight

Alan Worth – Regional Manager (Burton and Derby) reflecting on his time at ethero so far, and some reassuring market insights…

Why ethero?

Prior to joining ethero I’ve been lucky enough to work for two respected agencies: The Best Connection and Encore. Here I met some incredibly talented people who will be friends for life. While Working at Best and Encore, I learnt some invaluable work and life skills. This over the years, helped us achieve great things and create great customer relationships. 

I started conversation with Gareth Hughes and Owen Robinson at ethero last year and it was evident early in our conversation that this was a partnership and ethero had a clear vision for the future. I wanted to be part of that!

We often see agency advertisements claiming to be ‘ethical, fun and good at what we do’ but is this really true? I’ve given this a lot of thought and for ethero, this is true. I’ve really listened to the people at ethero, and their passion and enthusiasm is infectious.  

Speaking with the leaders of the business, I admire their honesty. They reflect and recognise shortfalls but most importantly they are open to ideas – ideas to improve on what they already have, but also ideas to make things better for the client and staff.

Reflections so far

Like any new role, I’ve spent the last ten weeks observing our teams, visiting clients and spent time understanding the processes within the branch network. This has been invaluable for understanding our foundations and our next strides forward.

One thing we often see from industrial recruiters’ LinkedIn posts are celebrations of what I believe are just the ‘day job’ – they promote what they perceive is ‘above and beyond’, for example, ‘look at this positive feedback the client sent me because I placed someone’ or ‘here’s a picture on our Facebook page because we did Check-ins on-site at 06:00 but I’m finishing at 14.00!’  However, at ethero, I’ve seen that this commitment and approach to work is simply their basic standard, and they frequently go above and beyond to exceed client expectations. 

We have excellent client relationships because they know our team are there for them – because someone’s gone to site at a weekend to sort a problem or fill extra bookings between Christmas and New Year on a night shift because the on-site service agency isn’t answering the phone. These are just a couple of examples of consistently high levels of ‘above and beyond’ service I’ve seen recently.

ethero own it!

No one gets it right all the time and we are dealing with people so we will get let down from time to time, but here at ethero we own it. We are honest and proactive, and I’ve already highlighted that we are too cheap for the outstanding service we consistently provide.

Looking forward

It’s not all doom and gloom for 2023, if anything it is quite the opposite. With the market stabilising our clients feel confident in using us as their sole supplier and increase their headcount. Our clients recognise that more than ever they need a USP to attract, train and retain staff. Here at ethero, we have consulted with our current clients and worked together for a strategic strategy for the year ahead. Already two major clients have asked us for sole supply ahead of the 2023 business forecast.

2023 looks very positive and with the business growing it won’t be long before we start adding to the team. Watch this space! Any clients out there who would like a no obligation consultation or want to bench mark your current service then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Don’t take my word for it, ask our current clients for a reference.

If you would like to speak with Alan to find out more, please call him on 07367486626 or email

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