The Importance of Communication in Company Culture

One of the biggest causes of employee unhappiness, inefficiency and staff turnover is lack of communication. Trust plays a major role in all relationships, so it stands to reason that trust amongst employees and with employers is vital. You’re not going to feel trusted if you don’t feel involved, so where’s the motivation to invest your expertise in the company you work for?

Passionate employees are the best selling tool; if they believe in what they’re doing, then communicating your attributes to a client becomes second nature. And what better way to achieve this than to get your employees involved in creating these positive attributes.

Another great reason to practice clear communication is to cover the very basics; do your employees know exactly what their job role is? Studies have shown that people who don’t know what their job role is are less effective than those who fully understand expectations, responsibilities and boundaries. In depth knowledge of your position in the company has been shown to increase productivity, accountability and efficiency.

Effective communication is also a great way of combatting misinformation in the workplace. Finding out snippets of something that effects the company is the perfect breeding ground of assumptions and gossip in the office. Employers can sometimes underestimate their employees and keep the important things from them, worrying that knowing ‘too much’ will cause panic and confusion. But quite the opposite happens. Armed with the facts, invested employees will want to do their bit to help remedy a situation, leading to stronger bonds between them and the company.

Communication also benefits teamwork; informed employees are more efficient when working towards a common goal. The best managers lead by example; by being transparent with their team they’re creating a positive environment where people can talk openly and support each other. It goes without saying that this creates a culture in which people feel valued and important. Nothing kills a team like staff feeling like they’re not involved or valued.

At ethero, company culture is a huge part of who we are. Ethics, honesty and transparency are the bedrock of the service we provide to our clients and the MD, Gareth Hughes, makes sure this is deep rooted into the fabric of ethero. Since 2010 we have grown rapidly, with 4 branches across the Midlands communication is more important than ever!

Ethero provides support to our clients to help them achieve effective communication, but to ensure we know what we’re talking about, we ensure we practice this ourselves! Achievements within the company are recognised and celebrated. The staff get daily emails highlighting individual successes and go out of their way to congratulate colleagues. A monthly newsletter is sent out to everyone, from shareholders to resourcers, sharing all upcoming events, achievements, anniversaries and information about new clients. This keeps everyone informed and involved and fosters an environment where communication is encouraged. Achievable goals are set in each branch and everyone is rewarded when the targets are hit, whether it be a group meal out or a day at Go Ape, success is celebrated in ethero. By being able to talk to management about issues, aspirations and concerns, our staff not only get the support they need, they are also able to offer support to clients and understand what is needed to create a positive company culture.

All of this has a huge positive impact on business; happy, empowered employees means lower staff turnover, higher productivity and increased efficiency. When the management team communicate down the company, employees will communicate back up. As the ones in the trenches, they can have great ideas for driving the business forward. Companies like Google and Twitter heavily invest in open communication channels between all staff, which has had a massive effect into their success.


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