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What other people thought about the service provided by ethero

” ethero has a clear understanding of how they can help us with recruitment requirements and manages any hurdles we face. A seamless, professional and efficent service  means our time isn’t wasted and we can rely upon them without any concern.”

“ethero has always took time to understand our operation and business needs. It is critical that we get the right people provided to us due to the length of time it takes to train pickers within our operation and ethero has been strong in this regard.”

“ethero’s provides us great support. They are knowledgeable, responsive and thorough; and all this is at an excellent standard. I am grateful for the hard work and exemplary service provided by the team. We very grateful for their contribution.”

“Compliments to ethero on the great service they are offering us, ensuring that we get good quality, fully vetter and referenced staff for the right price and on time, often at very short notice during the past year. Nothing is ever too much trouble.”

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Every day we hear of more redundancies as the country slides further into a pandemic-induced economic crisis. But there is another storyline playing out in warehouses and distribution centres across the UK: not of layoffs but of hiring sprees. Last week, Tesco announced it is planning to permanently employ 16,000 workers to staff its expanded

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The Importance of Communication in Company Culture

One of the biggest causes of employee unhappiness, inefficiency and staff turnover is lack of communication. Trust plays a major role in all relationships, so it stands to reason that trust amongst employees and with employers is vital. You’re not going to feel trusted if you don’t feel involved, so where’s the motivation to invest

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Counter Offers – To Leave or Not to Leave

Looking for a new role is a big decision; it’s a big risk but there’s a reason you’ve come to this decision. Whether it be poor management, disagreeable colleagues or even something as simple as more money, something has motivated you to search for greener pastures. So you go through the process of putting your

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